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Niedzica and surroundings

Niedzica is a resort town in Nowy Targ County of Lesser Poland province, located on the banks of Czorsztyn lake. 

Castle in Niedzica

Today I decided to describe the historical sites in the Pieniny mountains such as: a dam with three-dimensional painting in Niedzica, castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn  as well as chairlift Homole to top Bukowinek:)

Stromowieckie Lake
Sromowickie Lake

Dam in Niedzica, whose construction was completed in 1997, had a profound impact on changing the landscape of the Dunajec and the character of the surrounding area. Melancholy agricultural areas changed into a vibrant tourist destinations, which are base for tourists wanting to see the Pieniny and Gorce. In the meantime, the dam itself has become a popular tourist destination. Dam is 56 m height, long at over 400 m and wide 7 m.

Pieniny Mountains
my wife on the dam in Niedzica

Pieniny Mountains
...broken a dam

Since April 2011 on the dam in Niedzica can enjoy the beautiful painting "The Power of the Elements".
Watching painting with suitable place is the illusion as in the dam was a huge breach. The viewer has the impression, as if from the dam crest was pouring the water in the direction of hydroelectric turbines. The authors ensured that the turbines are painted based on real technical drawings devices so visitors can imagine how the power is produced. "Bottom" of the painting is a reservoir, which is actually located 56 meters below the dam crest. The painting is 36 meters long and seven and a half meters wide.

Pieniny Mountains
a three-dimensional painting

Dunajec Castle
view to dam in Niedzica from the Dunajec Castle

It is not known exactly when the Dunajec castle was built, but the first time Dunajec castle name appeared in a document of 1325 years. The castle was recorded as the property of the family of John and Rykolfa Berzevicz. Then, for a few hundred years, the castle changed owners several times and after the First World War the castle was on the Polish territory.

Castle in Niedzica
a castle courtyard

Since 1948, the castle was carried out restoration work and a partial reconstruction. In some parts of the premises established house creative work of the Association of Art Historians, others available for visitors, creating a museum of design and history of the region Spiš.
 on the Dunajec Castle

One of the most mysterious cards in the history of the castle is found, apparently just after World War II, the Inca "Kipu" - kind of recording information by letter knotted, which reportedly contains information about the hidden treasure.

Castle in Niedzica
a knight's room

Today the castle performs the functions of a museum, hotel and catering, being one of the biggest attractions of the historic southern part of Lesser voivodeship.

Castle in Niedzica
a knight's bed

Castle in Niedzica
a torture room

Pieniny Mountains
view of three crown from Niedzica

Pieniny Mountains
a Dunajec river

According to the tradition handed down by Dlugosz owner of the castle in Czorsztyn in 1246 was Peter Wydżga, Janina coat of arms, a nobleman of the earth Krakow, then crusader, he was also the owner of the castle Rytra, Lacko Castle and the Blade, died in Prussia. 

 a ruins castle in Czorsztyn

A significant expansion of the castle took place at the time of Kazimierz Wielki. Janko of Czarnkow in the Chronicle of the Cathedral of Krakow publishes information about the foundation of the castle by the king. However, according to Jan Dlugosz, Kazimierz Wielki only extended the castle and surrounded it with walls.

At that time, the castle became one of the most important objectives of the defense of the country, due to its location at the fork of trade routes, including the important trade route and diplomatic to Hungary.
before entering the castle

Situated on a lofty rock allow you to control a large part of the valley of the Dunajec. Historical references confirm the presence of the castle of Kazimierz Wielki, Ludwik Węgierski, Saint Queen Jadwiga, Wladyslaw Wareńczyk. The castle also served as a customs house, and later the seat of starosts.

Significant overhaul of the castle took place in the years 1629-1643, when Jan Baranowski served the function of starost Czorsztyn, coat of arms Jastrzębiec. It was built  inter alia, four-storey tower is now called the  Baranowski's tower. In 1651, under the absence of the starost castle mastered Aleksander Kostka-Napierski with a group of rebels, but fairly quickly troops sent by the Bishop of Cracow retook the castle.

view of Dunajec castle from the Czorsztyn castle

The collapse of the castle began from the destruction of the Cossack troops in the years 1734-1735, during the struggle for the throne between August II Sas and Stanisław Leszczyński. In 1790 from a lightning strike burned the roof of the castle, which has sharply accelerated the destruction. In 1819 a good Czorsztyn along with the ruins of the castle purchased Drohojowscy family, which ruled over them until 1945.

Not counting minor work carried out by Drohojowscy family, first safety work carried out in the ruins of the years 1951-1957 Leadership Renewal of the Wawel Royal Castle, designed by prof. Alfred Majewski.

a window in Czorsztyn castle

Research archaeological work conducted at the castle Saba J. Dobrzański, Andrzej Żaki, Lesław Lakwaj, Adam Szybowicz and Barbara Szybowicz. In 1992,  was began a comprehensive restoration work according to the design developed by Arch. Piotr Stępień in cooperation with Dr Ing. Stanisław Karczmarczyk.
These works are still in progress, and since 1996, the castle is open to the public to visiting. 

On the opposite side of the Dunajec on ​​the slope of the lake stands the medieval castle in Niedzica.

Chairlift "Homole" is located in a beautiful and scenic location in the center of the Small Pieniny, on the northern slope Bukowinek just 400 meters from the center Jaworki.

Pieniny Mountains
on top of bukowinek

Pieniny Mountains
a Chairlift "Homole"

The chairlift has the following technical parameters: 

Type .................................. - 2-seater 
length ................................ - 621 meters 
average slope .................... - 19% 
level difference ................. - 116 meters 
bandwidth.......................... - 600 people / hour 
speed.................................. - 1.2 m / s 
driving time ....................... - 8 minutes 
rope diameter .................... - 32 mm 
number of seats .................. - 81 
the highest point ................. - 11 meters

view of Pieniny mountains

Pieniny Mountains
on chairlift "Homole"

exit from the chairlift

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