Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Giewont part 1

Giewont is a mountain massif in the Tatra Mountains of Poland, and is 1894 metres a.m.s.l. at its highest.

It comprises three peaks:

Small Giewont - (Mały Giewont, 1,728 m)
Great Giewont - (Wielki Giewont, 1,894 m)
Long Giewont - (Długi Giewont, 1,867 m)

To the Giewont we went blue trail from Kuźnice. Our plan assumed passage by Polana Kalatówki, then Hala Kondratowa and next went through the Przełęcz Kondratowa to the top of the mountain Great Gewont. From the Giewont we went  to the yellow trail towards to the Kondracka Kopa, where we turned to the left and  guided straight to Kasprowy Wierch and there for the first time, we took the cable car down to Kuźnice.

As you can see in the picture above this route isn't easy because the differences in the heights is 1000 meters from the starting point to the highest, but along the way there are a few hills and go down into the valley at altitude 1800 to 2000 m a. m. s. l.

The profile of the mountains is similar to a "lying Knight", wherein the Long Giewont is the knight's torso, and the Great Giewont is the knight's face as viewed from the side. The image of Giewont as viewed from the north makes the profile easy to discern. On the top of Giewont stands 15-meter cross ,it is a symbol inextricably linked to the Tatra mountains, and in particular from Zakopane. Without a doubt this is the peak, which attracts the attention of tourists in a particular way, so all of this makes the summer season its the top is crowded by many tourists.

After a little more than one hour journey we arrived to the Hala Kondratowa, where situated is "Shelter PTTK na Hali Kondratowa", here we decided to make the first break to rest at a table placed in front of the shelter. Around us was perfect weather and the greenery where you can enjoy the beautiful view.

Unfortunately, further wait for us  path made of stone and steep uphill, fortunately with every next step the views were becoming more and more beautiful, and our main goal of this expedition were getting closer.

From the top of "Kondratowa przełęcz" we can see perfectly how long section of the way we walked, and from here spreads the beautiful image of Hala Kondratowa.

We will move towards to the summit of the next post :)


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