Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Skalnik 945 m a.m.s.l - mountain in south-western Poland, in the Ore Mountains Janowickie (German: Erzgebirge; Czech: Krušné hory, Polish: Rudawy Janowickie).


To the peak Skalnik we went up from the village of Kowary, along the green trail, and then "Pod Skalnikiem" it combine with trails of red and yellow. Hiking to the top takes about 2.5 hours and less than 2 hours down.

The mountain is the highest peak of the Ore Mountains Janowickie, clearly separate between Bobrzak and Rudawska Passes, with average of steep slopes, which highlight the mountain in the area.

The mountain has two peaks. The Higher peak (945 m a.m.s.l),  northeast it contains the ruins of a former lookout tower (four concrete blocks on which the tower was anchored), and tree with wooden tablet inscribed: Skalnik 945 m asl.

On the lower peak, south-west, there are a number of impressive rocks of fancy shapes, all of which the highest is 935 meters above sea level called Mała Ostra (Ger. Freie-Koppe) it contains viewing platform.

In the woods below the rocks is a junction of hiking trails. From the viewing point of Mała Ostra overlooking the panorama of the Giant Mountains along the northern part of Lasockiego Ridge, Jelenia Góra Valley, Izerskie, Wałbrzyskie Mountains, Stone Mountains, Kaczawskie mountains and the Ore Mountains Janowickie. With good visibility can be seen Ślęża.

The peak belongs to the Crown of Polish Mountains and the Sudetenland Crown.

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