Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Borowa (Ger. Schwarze-Berg, Schwarzeberg, Schwartzenberg) - the highest peak in the Black Mountains and the entire Walbrzyskie Mountains in Central Sudetes, with a height of 853 m a.m.s.l. It is the highest (border) point within the administrative borders of Walbrzych.

Borowa 853 m a.m.s.l.

To the top of Borowa we went from the railway station in Walbrzych, by the yellow trail and then on the pass "Pod Borową" changing in the red trail. The route looks very innocent, goes a gravel road uphill from time to time passing some surrounding houses, then we entered the forest, we passed "Przełęcz Kozia" and behind it crossroad "Pod Borową".

Borowa mountain, as most of the highest peaks of mountains Wałbrzyskie, is a clear culmination - has a high relative height and steep slopes, and therefore constitutes one of the dominant landscape in the area.

From the crossroads "Pod Borową" to the peak leads a very steep climb, someone go out there on their knees because it is so steep that it is hard to keep a balance especially if route is wet.

After less than two hours of walking we reached the top, where on a stick is a cardboard sign Borowa 853 m n p m. Descent It took us a little over an hour.

Borowa name officially was introduced in 1949, replacing the previous German name Schwarzer-Berg.

The summit belongs to the Crown the Sudetenland and to the Crown of Polish Mountains, previous the highest peak of this mountains was Chełmiec.


  1. No niestety nie było mi dane przejść tej trasy, a widać że warto:)
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    1. Zawsze, można nadrobić zaległości i zaplanować wyjście na Borową w najbliższym czasie:)