Friday, 4 November 2016

Wodospad Szklarki

Waterfall Szklarki (Ger. Kochelfall) - the second highest,  waterfall in the Polish Giant Mountains.

Szklarki waterfall is situated at an altitude of 520 m above the sea level and is 13.3 meters high. The water falls from it by wide cascade with characteristic narrowing down. Waterfall and its surroundings are an enclave of the Giant Mountains National Park.

To the waterfall from the parking lot leads a broad path ending with a viewing platform. Entrance to the National Park is payable. Waterfall is accessible for disabled people in wheelchairs. At the waterfall is located shelter "Kochanówka", the only one of its kind in Piechowice, near the border with Szklarska Poreba.

It is the most visited waterfall in the Giant Mountains due to its location on the road E65 (national road No. 3) next Szklarska Poreba. The waterfall is located just above the mouth of the Szklarki to Kamienna in the picturesque gorge of beautiful mixed forest.

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