Friday, 7 April 2017


Bautzen (Budziszyn, Budyšin, Budyšyn) is a hill-top town in eastern Saxony, Germany. It is located on the Spree River.

Bautzen is the historical capital and the cultural center of the Upper Lusatia . In the city is the railway station Bautzen / Budyšin.

Attractions in Bautzen:
  • Ortenburg Castle (Hród)
  • Town hall
  • Cathedral of Sts. Peter (Cathedral of St. Peter / Dom St. Petri)
  • Mikolajska Gate
  • Rich Tower (Bohata wěža / Reichenturm)
  • Ruins of the church of Sts. St. Nicholas (St. Nikolai) from 1440
  • German-Lusatian National Theater (Němsko-Serbske folk / Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater)  
  • Serbian House City 
  • Museum (Muzej Budyšin / Museum Bautzen) in the Market Square
  • Villa Weigang 
  • A memorial to the soldiers of the 2nd Army of the Polish Army
  • Monument to Jan Arnoš Smoler

When we came to Bautzen it was great weather, the town looked like very good with many restored tenement houses, fountains etc. Walking around the town was a pleasure for us, everywhere is clean,  to all of the major attractions you can reach on foot so time has passed really fast and pleasant :)

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