Thursday, 10 August 2017


Lubomir (904 m a. m. s. l.) - the summit in Lubomir and Lysiny area. The name of the summit comes from the name of Prince Kazimierz Lubomirski. It was granted in 1932 in recognition of his merit (in 1922 he donated a hunting lodge and 10 ha of forest at the summit called Lysina for the construction of astronomical observatory).

The expedition to the Lubomir summit we were planned from Poręba. First red trail through the PTTK Kudłacze shelter leading to the top of the mountain. Then we walked down the yellow trail to the Kamiennik hill, from where to the village of Poręba leads green trail.

The start of the route is asphalt road, after a while passing into concrete slabs leading to the centre of the forest.

After a short time you can already enjoy beautiful views of the lubomir area that extend around of us.

About half way through the route we find PTTK Kudłacze shelter, where you can eat something good or sit outdoor and enjoy the wonderful views.

At the top of mountain is astronomical observatory, its history you can be read on the information board situated before him.

At the top of Lubomir is also an information plate hanging on the tree and a characteristic rock with a green trail.

From the summit we went down through a "Sucha Przełęcz" (Dry pass) on which there is a cross with a plaque commemorating deads people during the Second World War.

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