Friday, 8 September 2017


Waligóra mount (german: Heidelberg) 936 m a.m.s.l. - the highest peak of the Suche Mountains and whole Stone Mountains; lies, respectively, in their northern and central parts. Waligóra belongs to the Crown of Poland.

To the top of Waligóra mountain we went from Sokołowsko. First green trail to the PTTK Andrzejówka schelter, then yellow to the top of the mountain. We went down the yellow route and then blue, because we didn't want to went back the same route.

The beginning of the route was very pleasant as we walked the asphalt road past the cottages and then entered the forest gravel road.

At one point the trail became very steep, thankfully it was not a long stretch :)

Beautiful views and the flowers add charm and encourage you to further travel.

From time to time you can admire the landscape of Stone mountains and Dry mountains.

PTTK Andrzejówka Schelter is very impressive, so you can relax and have a rest ... and go on further journey.

At the top you should take a picture next to the board informing you of the summit, unfortunately there are no beautiful views because the trees grow around it.

...see you on the trail...take care:)

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