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Szczeliniec Wielki

Szczeliniec Wielki  919 m a.m.s.l. (Ger.: Große Heuscheuer, Czech Republic: Velká Hejšovina) - the highest peak in Table mountains. It's one of the biggest tourist attraction in Sudety Mountains, with viewing terraces on the panorama of Sudetenland.

Despite the low height of the absolute peak it is visible from afar as the trapezoidal block of rock covered with coniferous forest. The sandstone surface of the summit is weathered and cracked thereby forming a variety of rock formations resembling its appearance of humans and animals such as: camel, mammoth, elephant, mother hen, monkey, dog, turtle, owl, great-grandfather's armchair and deep gorges and corridors (Inferno, Devil's Kitchen) forming a maze of rocks.

plan of our trip

the start and finish route

Interesting are the two rocks, the so-called: Chybotek: Princess Emily's cradle and Heart of the Mountain Spirit, which, despite significant weight, you can sway it with a little effort . Inside is many corridors with a unique microclimate, and in some places snow remains until July.

my wife at the beginning of the route

beautiful views from the observation deck

First confirmed people's traces of stay on the peak is about 1576. Anonimous monks embossed in the rock, called as Great  Grandfather's armchair, inscription: IHSV 1576. During Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) Strzeliniec's rocks served as shelter persecuted protestants. In the nineteenth century the peak has become generally known tourist attraction. Visited by many celebrities, including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

on the panoramic terrace

beautiful views from terrace

To the peak leads tortuous trail folding consisting of 665 steps made in 1814 by Franz Pablo, who was mayor of Karłów.  

my wife sustains the rock

...somewhere between rocks 

From our accommodation base in Radków we went towards Szczeliniec Wielki, first to the Karłów village and then to the parking next to reserve, where we could left car and went on the trail.


Liczyrzepa Throne

At the beginning leads yellow trail and then red to the shelter on the Szczeliniec, among many amazing rocks with curious shapes.

by great-grandfather's armchair

After passing the rock called "duckling" we reach to the views terrace where stands rock called: Liczyrzepa Throne or great-grandfather's armchair. From here we can admire beautiful views to all Karkonosze mountains and Śnieżnik massif.



Not far there were another strange rocks called: camel and hominid somewhat hidden behind a tree.

"Devil's Kitchen"

we in devil's way to hell

Subsequently we were going down stairs between rocks 18 meters high, place it is name devil's kitchen.

hell just around the corner

narrow descent to hell

Immediately after passing through the devil's kitchen, we came to a place called Hell.

welcome to hell


In the hell we saw more people than anywhere else before ... interesting why?

on the left side of the flat boulder called devilish table

stairs to purgatory

Then we went to the top by narrow corridor, it place is called purgatory.


One of the last rocks in this maze is an "elephant". If you take a closer look you see  trumpet, eyes and big ears:) ....

The tour was very interesting with a lot of attractions along the way, it does not require much effort I recommend it to everyone :)

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