Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Moszna Castle

The Castle in Moszna (Ger. Schloss Moschen, Die Residenz an der Thiele-Winckler) - historical residence in the village of Moszna in Opole province. It is one of the most famous historic buildings in the Opole. From 1866 until 1945 was the residence of the Thiele-Winckler family, industrial tycoons from Silesia.

The castle has 365 rooms and 99 towers and turrets. The area is 7000 m² size and the volume - 65000 m³.

Until recently, there was located  Neurosis Treatment Centre. In connection with the construction of a new hospital building, medical activities from April 2013 was transferred to the adjoining property.

The palace is partially open to the visiting; in the chapel held chamber music concerts and in gallery exhibitions of works of art. It is surrounded by more than two hundred acres park.

The building was erected in the mid-seventeenth century. The middle section has replaced former baroque palace, which in 1896 burned down and was rebuilt in its original form. By the year 1900 was built  the biggest part of the eastern wing in Neo-Gothic style, and then in the years 1912-1914 the western wing in neo-Renaissance style.

Thiele Winckler family left the chateau in the spring of 1945. During World War II the castle avoided destruction. Since 1945 in the castle was occupied by Soviet Army troops. From this period came the greatest destruction of residence; the devastation was greater part of the equipment of the castle, stolen most of the works of art, mainly paintings and sculptures.

In this property is held the annual Festival of flowering azaleas - in May and June is here popularising music Polish and German composers, during the festival is presenting art exhibitions, and also taking place open-air painting.

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