Friday, 1 May 2015

Błędne skały

Błędne skały (Ger. Wilde Löcher) - a set of blocks of rock at a height of 853 m a. m. s. l. forming a picturesque maze (rock city), located in south-western Poland, in the Central Sudetes.

Błędne skały is situated between two village: Karłów and Kudowa-Zdroj, near the border between Poland and Czech Republic.

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The visiting of the nature reserve lasts approximately 40 minutes, we can see a few rocks, resembling among others.: mushroom, mushroom bipedal or chicken feet.

beautiful views

Błędne Skały includes peak of the Skalniak 915 m. a. m. s. l, it has a total area of about 21ha and is a nature reserve. The route leads sometimes  between narrow gaps with a width of only a few dozen centimetres.

views from "Skalne Czasze"

From the viewing terrace called "Skalne Czasze" we can enjoy beautiful views of inter alia: Karkonosze (Giant mountains), Jestřebí hory (Hawks mountains), Góry stołowe (Table mountains) and Góry kamienne (Stone mountains).

"The ship"

Several minutes later we walked in labyrinth of rock, around us naturally sculpted beautiful rocks. Behind us, one of the characteristic rocks called: The ship.


The red trail leads among the beautiful views, that visiting sometimes you have to squeeze through narrow gaps.

...somewhere in labyrinth...

Then we went through narrow gaps called the maze, and the paths leading between the rocks for over a dozen meters high.

"The chicken foot"

Next attraction this nature reserve is rock called: chicken foot. You can stand front of it and take a photo:)

low and tight

So we went further where is tighter and tighter, and we had to stoop to move on:)

between the rocks

narrow passage

...and heads down again

...almost the end...

It was a great trip, so I recommend everyone go through this wonderful labyrinth of rocks.

"The kitchen"


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